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Do you have a creative idea for an innovative app or new intriguing software?

"Advanto has a prize for you!"

The goal of the Advanto Innovative Idea Competition is to support students to implement projects that explore solutions to Different issues. Every student/Candidate is eligible to apply, including engineering students, undergraduates and more.

We’re going after the most creative ideas out there by Student / Thinkers … and we have a prize for them! The Advanto Innovative Ideas by Advanto, is showcasing the creativity in software design and web services, and promoting and rewarding the best apps of Students all over India

How does this work?

Your Idea

Prepare Presentaion

Upload the document

Price For Your Innovation

1st Price will be 50,000 INR for the best Innovative Idea.

50 Students with best ideas will be given the certificate of Appreciation.

Winner (Student/Team) will get the chance to work on his idea to bring it to Live.

All the students will get the certificate of Participation.

Explain your idea using the simple online application form. You may compete as individuals or in teams.